Oldschool? Newschool? Metalcore? Whatever!

The fact is that Nothing was formed on February, 17th 2002 by Iphey as the front-woman, Yosie as the guitar player and Arie Jimbo as the drum player.

Since the beginning, Nothing was always having difficulties on finding the right bass player. On July 2002 xnanux came saves the day, joined the band as the additional bass player. With this line-up, Nothing recorded four songs on October 2002. This was actually an indie-movie-soundtrack project, but then those disapointing-quality recording released as demo tape entitled “Lesson Of Life”.

On May 2003, xnanux decided to leave the band. Simien took the position. With this new line-up, Nothing recorded two more songs, to participate on a local hardcore compilation released by Halang Rintang Records. Unfortunately, on September 2005, Simien left the band. Lutfi took over the position.

In the mid 2007, Hanung joined the band to complete the guitars sound.

On early 2008, Arie Jimbo left the band to work oversea, Reza filled the position.

On August 2008, after getting married, Lutfi left the band and Kimpling joined the band as the bass player.

Nothing’s music is a mixture of oldschool hardcore, newschool hardcore, a little part of metal, pop and also punk. We can mention Walls Of Jericho and Caliban as the most influenting band, beside the other influences of every member of the band.


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